Chef Gosselin’s Perfect Gravy

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There is no need to fear the preparation of any gravy. Gravy will be that one area where you unfortunately are held to prepare on many occasions. Making a delicious gravy is a must and it should come easy and seamlessly with your growing skill set. These tips will get you in the right directions…you

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Chef Gosselin Corn Chowder

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The whole month has been a soup and stew month. I am going to share some recipes that made me smile. I am currently making a crock of corn chowder and this is really great. Every recipe was made in the crock pot so I prepped the ingredients and in they went. Later that early

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Mireya’s Eggnog

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Prelog by Chef Gosselin: In the mid to late 1980’s I had opportunity to make the acquaintance of  Eritza Mireya Vallejo Centeno. We lived in Fayetteville NC and we met on Christmas Eve at a party that I threw in my home. Mireya made her eggnog… it was the best I ever tasted. Her and

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Bananas Hpnotiq

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  What a fine test of my culinary skills occurred during our  bicycling, RV adventure this past weekend. A moment where wife was bragging to some fellow campers/cyclists about my past career and it was necessary to show my chef skills. Our fellow cycling campers were enjoying my finger foods after a day of riding….

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