Chef’s Chocolate Cake

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  I know it is so common place to go to the grocery store and buy a box of Duncan Hines Supreme Cake mix and just add eggs, oil and water. Well that technique is still used in my household…but let me assure you that I can whip up a nice fluffy cake mix from

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Chef Gosselin’s Chocolate Buttercreme

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A co-worked was leaving our place of business and I will miss her. She asked if  I would make her a nice sweet chocolate something with a butter cream topping…. hehhehehehe…. really? Easy Peazy…. and here it is! Let’s make my almost famous Chocolate Butter Creme topping. It is really good. 1  cup unsalted butter, softened

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Chef Gosselin’s Stuffed Bell Peppers

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Like so many dishes that we create at home….I have a flare for the more dramatic flavor in my stuffed peppers. I do use rice and a prepared ground beef but I want more taste and some extra texture in my mouth then a standard stuffed pepper recipe  offers. So…let us explore how my recipe

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Chef Gosselin’s Breakfast Gravy

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My dad…of all people has asked me to post my breakfast gravy. Odd…since he is a better chef than I. Ok here is my pan made, always fresh and just amount I need for the service, breakfast gravy. Let’s Make a nice hot, bubbling biscuit gravy. The essence for all gravies will always stem from

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