Chef Gosselin Broccoli Bites

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Here is a real great treat and salad topper that has my taste buds captivated. I love broccoli… in many fashions and I do love Extra Sharp Vermont Cheddar…specially Cabot’s brand of aged cheddar. When I can marry my broccoli and my cheddar fetish in one food item WOW. These are much like little broccoli

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Chef Gosselin Enchilada Sauce

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Mom…. here you go. My recipe for enchilada sauce is all yours to prepare. I think you should make a few for me upon my arrival this September. Let’s make Enchilada Sauce…. my style….its simple and tastey.   8 oz can tomato sauce 1/4 cup canola oil 2 tbsp flour 3 tbsp chili powder 1

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Steamed Roasted Carrots (delicious)

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I am a fan of the carrot. Liking that root veggie does not make me unique…. but preparing it the way I like it moves me towards a much better foodie place. I like my carrots peeled and steamed…. then I place them in my preheated cast iron skillet and drizzle a little olive oil

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Cucumber, Hard Boiled Egg, Avocado Sandwich

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Not being a person that is hard to please in the category of sandwich my mind wandered this afternoon….as there was no gal in the household to keep my creative nature in check. I found an English muffin, a nice avocado, a hard boiled egg and a cucumber. INTERESTED? Well Let’s make a fancy sandwich

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Creamy Cucumber Salad (My Mom’s Style)

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You will never read about a childhood recipe that my mother made was in any way terrible. She was a great cook. Lately, in her dotage I must state that the kitchen is not where she wants to be AND she modified her once delicious recipes to  be ehhhh less attractive. This classic cucumber salad

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