The Cheese Filled Macho Burger

cheese stuffedDoctoring up a ground beef  to create a mouth-watering menu is what this recipe defines. The grilled beef burger is common to the American diet. Many American cooks have discussed how to dress up the burger; we shall toss around placing cheese inside the burger itself. Grilling that burger as the cheese flavor oozes out the meat pores, making a taste unique to the mix of ingredients. I love a great cheese filled burger. Let’s flip burgers filled with cheese.

1 pound (16oz) ground beef 80%  (2 burgers)

1/3 pound (your favorite cheese) I used Velveeta for this example but I normally use extra sharp Vermont cheddar

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

As you may notice, aside from Worcestershire sauce and some seasoning, I do not make a huge move to place additive flavors in the meat. If the meat is fresh and at the proper fat ratio for grilling you will get plenty of flavor and a nice moist texture to the meat. I make my own burger buns and tend to like a sesame seed type bun over a plain.


Place ground beef in bowl

Add Worcestershire sauce

Mix together and blend sauce into meat

Divide beef into two pieces and form patty

Use knife and slice thru the edge of patty to make two thinner patties

Place a cube of cheese in the center of your sliced patties and pinch the patties back together with cheese in middle

Season outside of patties with salt and pepper (both sides)

Grill or pan fry or broil patties until your proper doneness is achieved (mine in photo is a medium color)

Serve on bun and garnish with you favorite toppings. I later munched my burger with a little fresh garden bib lettuce and sliced red onion. Hope you test this recipe and report on how you have enjoyed your burger.




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